3 Ways to Get OSRS Bonds Fast

Playing OSRS without paying for a membership (bond) is known to be very painful, useless and boring. You can’t access 90% to 95% of the content without being a member, so it is really out of the question if you want any type of enjoyment in game play. Don’t worry though because we’ll show you how to get one just by playing!

I know the first thing that comes to mind is how I can get 3M gold without being a member. The best way would be by buying OSRS gold with real money, but you also have many other options of getting this much in-game currency for free! One option requires medium requirements and some patience; while others are open at any level depending on your willingness to spend time.

Picking Cowhides

You don’t get much gold, or high profits from this method. But you do earn enough to invest in the other methods if a little bit of money is all that stands between you and an OSRS bond!

Killing cows will provide just enough for those who might not have any extra cash lying around. You can make some quick gains by killing cows located northeast of Lumbridge with no risk at all – it’s so simple even someone like me could do it without breaking a sweat!

The cows in the fields just outside of Lumbridge are always dropping cowhides. The player needs to pick up these hides and make sure they sell them at the Grand Exchange, which is northwest of Varrock.

You can alternatively tan the cowhides at the Al Kharid Tannery, turning them into soft leathers for 1 gold coin each which increases their price by 40-30 coins. I think it’s worth doing because you’re able to make more inventories of cowhide during that time.

The prices of the cowhides are all over but is a good way to make some quick gold in between other engagements. In 2-3 minutes you can easily fill 28 slots and earn upwards of 3k OSRS gold.

Wine of Zamorak

Well, this method is a little complicated in comparison to the previous method, but it’s worth your time. You can get about 4-5 Wine of Zamorak per hour using this method and sell each wine for 2K gold at the Grand Exchange.

To get the Wine of Zamorak, you’ll have to cast Telekinetic Grab. It requires level 33 magic and can be found in two floors with 1 wine each that respawn every 20 seconds. But Monks will come once you grab one down there; they reduce your magic level by half whatever it is when grabbing a wine, so make sure to run up those stairs before knocking back another.

Once you get upstairs, using Wizard’s mind bomb will restore your magic level so that Telekinetic Grab is possible again. There’s a monk up there who doesn’t attack because of the Zamorak robe top and bottom on you! If only we could teleport straight to Falador bank without losing wines.

Once one has restored their levels with wizard’s mind bombs, they can use the telekinetic grab spell on some wine in order to stock up for later teleportation trips back home.

By doing this, you can expect 400K – 600K GP per hour which is the highest profit possible in free-to-play worlds.

Buying Runes From the Shop

This method requires nothing but a decent amount of gold to invest in, I would say 50K or 100K is enough to start investing. This can be acquired by the cowhide method as well which involves picking up hides from dead cows and selling them at high price.

The idea behind this technique is that you buy runes for cheap then sell it back on Grand Exchange for higher prices because there are limited numbers being sold at the Magic Shop thus creating less supply than demand and hence increasing its value. So if done right, keep going between worlds until every shop resets so more runes will appear again.

The best place to find a magic shop is at Port Sarim. The advantages of this location are that it’s less crowded, and you have the opportunity for some great fishing while waiting in line. Some players like using Varrock as their destination because it’s closer to Grand Exchange but there can be crowds around here too.

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