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RuneScape Membership Benefits and Features

Gain access to premium RuneScape content and enjoy members-only benefits and game features like:

  • Ability to use and train 11 more skills like Construction, Agility, Hunter, and Farming.
  • Explore more locations, around 3 times larger map than non-members.
  • More quests like Lost City, Cold War, Cabin Fever, Fight Arena, and Druidic Ritual.
  • More minigames such as Soul Wars, Pest Control, Castle Wars, Barrows, and Mage Arena.
  • Access to members-only RuneScape items.
  • Ability to purchase skill capes.
  • Full access to Player-owned ports.
  • Access to shortcuts.
  • Ability to change character names
  • and so much more!

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1. Select your RS Membership package

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3. Receive the PIN code on your email and activate it whenever you want.

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What Are Old School RuneScape Bonds?

Old School Bonds are in-game items that you can trade to fellow RuneScape players and redeemable for membership, unlocking the ability to fund your OSRS adventures using your own in-game wealth.

Other Things You Must Know About OSRS Bonds

In Runescape, bonds are valuable items that you can keep, sell or trade to obtain a premium Runescape membership, more wealth, or better status. In its essence, bonds are a guarantee from Runescape and an entitlement to an assortment of benefits.


    Players can trade OSRS items for a Bond. The deal could involve items, currency, and bonds. This factor solely depends on the players involved. If you wish to trade it afterward – you cannot! After the first trade, OSRS bonds become non-tradeable items.


    Old School RuneScape players can use up the bond to get additional benefits that only OSRS member enjoy. FOr this reason, Runescape Bonds are mostly used to get OSRS membership. They can also be used for Runescape coins, keys or RuneCoins.


    You can sell your OSRS bonds depending on your personal wishes, and you have the option to set your own price.


RuneScape players can store up to 20 bonds in their pouch before needing to withdraw them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my RuneScape Membership?

    You’ll receive your membership key after payment has been verified successful. It will be sent to your email instantly.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    You can pay using Paypal or through Stripe with your Credit/Debit card or by Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase.

  • Are these membership keys safe?

    All of our PIN codes are legally obtained and 100% safe to use on your RuneScape account.

  • Do I need to use my membership key right away?

    No, you may choose when you want to activate your membership.

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