Why Should I Buy or Not Buy A RuneScape Membership?

The game RuneScape is in the top three most popular MMORPGs with a whopping 9.5 million active free accounts and over 500 thousand paid member accounts, putting it on par with World of Warcraft as one of only two MMO games to break 10 million players worldwide!

RuneScape is a wonderful MMORPG where players can enjoy all sorts of content for free. They just have to be patient with the wait time before they are able to really immerse themselves into what RuneScape has in store, but that’s nothing compared to how much fun you’ll get out of it once you do!

RuneScape offers two tiers: Free-to-Play and Memberships. RuneScape Membership typically cost $11 every 4 weeks or less if your account expires sooner than expected; however, I always recommend new players start off as F2P members so they’re better prepared when it comes down to deciding which route should take next – whether it’s going from being F2P or becoming a RuneScape Member later on.

The way to get the most out of a free-to-play game is just that: Play it for free. Using in-game currency, you can unlock new features and items as well as purchase premium content with real money but only if you feel like your time will be worth it after playing through the available quests or challenges without any restrictions whatsoever.

No matter when you decide to take the plunge into membership, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you. Over 2/3rds of game content is gated behind members-only options like new skilling areas and minigames that are best experienced later in the game once skills have leveled appropriately. As someone who’s just starting out though, focus on leveling your skills and completing quests first before diving headfirst into any other content!

But if you’re going to ask us, if it’s worth it to get a RuneScape membership for the long-term?

It definitely is. You unlock more skills and dozens of new quests. Once you reach the limit of the F2P world, you won’t have much choice but to get your own RuneScape membership through third-party stores or by using OSRS bonds.

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