How OSRS Bonds Changed The RuneScape Market

A lot of RuneScape players feel like it’s right for OSRS Bonds to permit players to buy their way through the game, and they might not be 100% wrong about that. Today, we’ll be discussing how the introduction of bonds to our favorite game has changed it forever.

What are OSRS Bonds?

Bonds were introduced by Jagex as a way for both combat gold farmers and RWT to become a member, while also allowing P2P players to purchasing RuneScape Membership using their OSRS gold by offering them the ability to exchange OSRS bonds for RS memberships.

The idea plans to discourage players from buying OSRS gold in the black market and encourage them to trade their gold in RuneScape instead of selling it online. Not only that, but they also considered how destructive gold faarming can be to the game economy.

The Effects Of OSRS Bonds’ Introduction

RuneScape Bonds almost immediately cut down the revenue earned by gold farmers by over 80%, basically invalidating the business model that everyone was so familiar with.

To this day, it’s impossible to see the level of botting or gold farming activity that was abundant and treated as usual in 2012. But, that’s not really surprising, for the reason that Runescape Bonds were based on the PLEX system used in EVE.

One year after the release of RS Bonds, around 20% of RuneScape players (1 in every 5 OSRS players) were getting their membership not by paying via credit card but by their in-game gold.

Bonds are simply great for the game and the overall game economy. They eliminate the need for RWT and make Gold Farming not that attractive as it was before. It stops players from being exhausted in doing repetitive tasks and start doing more with their time in-game by being a member using their OSRS bonds.

It’s time to accept that Bonds are here to stay. They’ve become too essential for RuneScape, the go-to funding mechanism for thousands of RS players to become a member, and expanded Jagex’s profits so they can make a good game instead of firing everyone and shutting down their operations.

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